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Religious Studies



The Department of Religious Studies started in 2005 with the BA Religious Studies programme. In 2007, it introduced the MA and MPhil Religious studies programme. The PhD Religious Studies programme was introduced in 2014. The various programmes advance knowledge in religions to produce graduates that foster inter-religious dialogue for peaceful co-existence in society, towards the socio-economic development of Ghana and Africa. The programmes of the department are in three options: Christianity, Islam and African Traditional Religion. Students graduate with Religious Studies, with specialization in one of the options.


The Department of Religious Studies was started in the year 2005. It is one of the youngest departments in the University. The department runs a number of (110) courses –both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels – aimed at exposing students to the religious-cultural dimensions of human development, while focusing on how norms of behavior are derived and applied. The program seeks to develop a systematic approach to religious and moral thinking and enable students to critically examine the interface religions and societies.  The Department of Religious Studies is primarily to equip students with requisite skills to identify problems of society and recommendation to address them. The department admits students to BA, MA/MPHIL and PHD programs.

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