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History & Political Studies

history and politics

We welcome you to the Department of History and Political Studies at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). The Department runs two of the most sought-after academic programmes in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Our History and Political Studies programmes have been run as one of the composite courses of the B.A. (Social Sciences) programme since 1971 and 2006 respectively. The Department’s two streams of programmes are each structured on a four-year curriculum, leading to the award of a B. A. in History or a B. A. in Political Studies. We offer a wide range of exciting courses at the undergraduate level, both in literature and in language. The curriculum is carefully structured to ensure it delivers on training, problem solvers and critical thinkers for employment in various sectors of the national economy and beyond.

Our graduate programmes are one of a kind in the higher educational landscape in Ghana. We are the only Department that offers Master of Arts in Asante History. A well-planned programme that is purposefully crafted to serve as the gateway to Asante’s history, politics and society as a whole. We also have on offer: Master of Philosophy in Historical Studies, Master of Philosophy in Political Science and a doctoral programme in Historical Studies; while plans are well advanced to roll out a doctoral programme in Political Science. Our Master of Public Administration in Political Science programme is training a new class of professional and ethical administrators for work in the public and private sectors.  

Our aim is to train students to aspire to be outstanding in their various fields and endeavours. As a result, both undergraduate and graduate programmes programmes have produced a large number of graduates working in diverse fields including legal and judicial professions, teachers at secondary and tertiary levels, researchers, information managers, librarians, tourism experts, international civil servants, private and public archive managers, public administrators, politicians. We have also trained personnel who have taken up careers in Non-Governmental Organizations, Police Service, Armed Forces, banking, editorial and publishing work, as well as private business management.

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